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          Below is the list and details of the international media partners.


          ALTA Publishing Company - 金典出版社
          Address: 11F.-1, No.186, Sec. 2, Dongxing Rd., Nantun Dist., Taichung City 408, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
          TEL.: +886-4-2475-1658
          Fax.: +886-4-2475-1001
          Skype: alta-sales

          ALTA Publishing Company
          ALTA Publishing Company has good reputation over ten years in Taiwan.
          We are specialized in the Packaging and Food Industries. Our main clients are Food & Packaging Machine/Material Manufacturers. We keep good relationship with our clients by providing marketing assistance and we also provide Catalogue design, Poster design, Poster printing, Website design and hosting services.?
          The Packaging & Food (PF) magazine?is a specialized business magazine, which provides information about the latest development and technologies in the Packaging, Printing, Plastic and Food Industries. PF readers are widely distributed over various trades, such wholesalers, importers / exporters, suppliers, manufacturers, trade associations, chambers of commerce and so forth.

          Asia Food Industry Publishing Company
          E-mail:[email protected]
          Contact Person: Fabiola Chang
          TEL: +886-226192798
          FAX: +886-226192799

          Asia Food Industry Publishing Company
          Established in 1998, Asia food is the first professional food & package publisher in Taiwan.?
          We specialize in providing concepts and knowledge about the diverse food & package industries to the public;?
          Every year, We participate in various food & package related festivals to increase publicity and pursuit its goal of becoming the best marketing promotion platform in the food & package industry. The first priority of customer service is quality, and the goal we are striving toward, not only working as an ultimate information source from suppliers to the food & package manufacturing industry, but also attempting to service the industry to the best of our ability in providing and organizing food & package information and technology to the public.

          Name: Ficus
          Job Title: Marketing Executive
          E-mail:[email protected]
          TEL: +65-6521-9777

          Asia Food Journal
          Your Professional Guide to Processing, Packaging and Ingredients.
          Asia Food Journal, published by Contineo Media, covers business and marketing strategies, corporate close-ups plus R&D and technology aspects in the food packaging, processing and ingredients segments. Asia Food Journal identifies key markets and consumer trends to get you on top of the developments in the food manufacturing industry.?
          Visit us for more information at:?https://www.asiafoodjournal.com/

          Asia-Pacific Trade News Magazine
          TEL: +886-4-2297-7062
          Address: 2F, No. 642, Sec. 1, ZhongQing Rd., North Dist., Taichung City 404, Taiwan
          E-mail:[email protected]

          Asia-Pacific Trade News Magazine
          Since 1989, Asia-Pacific Trade News Magazine has devoted Taiwan and China manufacturers to the whole wide world for over 27 years. It has brought a successful result of whether on trade or any potential market. We are a professional media that primarily introduces Taiwan/China manufacturers of Machines/Auto parts/Fasteners. We publish a variety of trade magazines, Autoparts007, Machinery007, Fastener007, Plastics & Rubber Buyer’s Guide of Taiwan and China (PRG), and Taiwan Auto parts Buyer’s Guide (TAG). When you need to purchase any type of Machines/Auto parts/Fasteners, Asia-Pacific Trade News Magazine is your best choice.

          Fine Wine and Liquor magazine, China
          TEL: +86-0755-25831915
          Address: Shenzhen, China
          E-mail:[email protected]

          Fine Wine & Liquor Magazine
          Fine Wine and Liquor, a bi-monthly professional wine magazine in China, has been published since April 2001. It specializes in transmitting knowledge and the culture of wine and spirits, introducing famous wine enterprises and entrepreneurs, visualizing national and international wine brand images and assisting the wine market to set up rules and regulations. As a bridge between manufacturers, dealers and consumers, the magazine zealously serves wine consumers and practitioners.

          TEL: +91-1122141542
          Address: D-182 PR House Anand Vihar New Delhi, India
          E-mail:?[email protected]

          Hotels & Culinary ASIA
          ‘Hotels? & Culinary Asia’ (HCA) is a premium business magazine on hotels and food industry, published from India and is the key media partner to major trade shows of industry world-wide. HCA’s aim is to provide its readers latest updates, new product launches, events and happenings around the industry.? If you wish to promote any product or event, please feel free to contact us at:[email protected].

          TEL: +44-2032868126
          Address: Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln, LN1 3DY
          E-mail:[email protected]

          International Supermarket News
          International Supermarket News over it’s 23 year life has become the world’s leading journal for personnel within the World’s Multiple Food Retailers, Department Stores, Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Major Independents, Convenience and Health Food Store Chains, with additional readers from the Wholesaler and Distributor sectors. Each edition is dispatched under individual names, written in English and gives informative, economic, technical and legislative overviews on current issues affecting buying decisions in 23 countries throughout western Europe, The MENA countries, South Africa, United States and Canada.

          Contact person: Anna Dabrowska
          02-390 Warszawa
          ul. Grójecka 186/214
          M: +48-508-112-968
          T: +48-22-8241497
          E-mail:[email protected]

          POLAND FRUITS is the leading Polish trade magazine for the food and beverage industry. It is the first publication of choice for professionals throughout the industry with its editorial coverage on the latest research, innovative technologies, health and nutrition trends, and market reports. The publication has a readership base of over 35,000 combined print and digital subscribers. Recognized as the most respected and authoritative trade magazine for the industry in Poland. Poland Fruits has served as the media partner for major trade shows and conferences in Poland and worldwide.
          POLAND FRUITS has one mission: to create close links between B2B within the independent fine food sector.
          POLAND FRUITS is a compatible fusion of a magazine and a web portal, the pages of which inform readers about the current situation and upcoming events in their industry of interest. Magazine is also distributed at all the most important fairs in Poland and abroad.

          TEL: +82-2-3487-7901
          Address: (06693) Korea, Seoul,
          seocho-gu, bangbaechun-ro, 2gil, 12
          Contact Person: Kim Sunny (Ms.)?
          E-mail:[email protected]

          THE BUYER
          'THE BUYER' is food & distribution magazine for professionals. It is providing the global and professional information related to new products, trend of food market and successful marketing strategy for buyers, distributor and merchandisers in the retail and food companies. Also it operate forum of buyers and education for suppliers, buyers, planners of food products. 'THE BUYER' has been beginning since 2006 and is the only magazine in the Korean food & distribution market now.

          (In alphabetical order, as of Sep. 12, 2017)

          Tour Partners

          Contact: Mr. HUR MIN?
          TEL: 82-2-732-5688?
          E-mail:?[email protected]

          <IEB TOUR>
          IEB TOUR operates the company with international exhibitions, commercial customers, and incentive groups.?
          We will provide quick information on our customers' journey, providing quick access to international exhibitions, providing the most affordable airfare,?
          faster travel, and visa availability.

          Press Enquiries

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